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August 16, 2019

chautauqua 8 For our final New Gainesville Chautauqua performance of the season, President Andrew Jackson gave a rousing speech explaining his position on Indian Removal. Mr. Jackson also took questions from members of the audience, one of which was Mr. William Austin Worcester, a relative of the Reverend Samuel A. Worcester of Worcester v. Georgia.

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Ken Johnston, who portrayed Jackson, also took questions from the audience out-of-character and discussed his research and preparation for the role, public perception of Jackson, and the larger context in which Indian Removal happened. We thank all who have attended our Chautauqua performances this season and hope that you have come away with a better understanding of this complex piece of history. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Family Days and Forums!

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Ken Johnston and William Worcester

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We would like to introduce you to our new Museum Manager, Sommer Stockton, and welcome our former apprentice Lesley Jones as our new Archives Media Assistant.

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Sommer is originally from Hoschton, Georgia and graduated this past May from Brenau University with a B.A. in Mass Communications. She has held numerous leadership positions at Brenau including President of the Student Government Association, Station Manager of 89.1 WBCX, and Editor of the Brenau "Bubbles" yearbook. She is passionate about history and is currently pursuing her M.A. at Brenau in Communications and Media Studies. Sommer loves to travel and practice photography.

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Lesley Jones is a graduate of the University of North Georgia with a degree in History. She has had an impressive academic career and will be continuing her studies as a graduate student at UNG. Lesley has served as president of the History Club, president of the Phi Alpha Theta Zeta Phi subchapter she brought to the UNG Gainesville Campus, senior class representative for Student Government Association (SGA), and secretary of Nighthawks Entertainment. Lesley will be assisting in our social media presence and archives management by curating educational content, creating engagement activities, and connecting people to the objects in our archives by sharing her research.

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Monuments and statues, history and heritage – how do they interact? In this episode, Ken and Glen discuss the very real difference between history and heritage and how the past can be interpreted or distorted in public spaces. Click here to listen!

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By Lesley Jones

This week From the Archives is a Sylvania Television and Radio Tube. The Sylvania Company began in 1901 when Frank Poor would buy burned-out light bulbs and replace the filament as a cheaper alternative for customers. In 1916, the business began selling new bulbs, producing over 16,000 a day. Today, Sylvania has merged with MLS Co. to form Ledvance, one of the largest producers of LED’s in the world.


This tube was produced in 1942, when Sylvania expanded their products to include consumer electronics and radios. The “flashing S” logo was debuted in the 1940s as part of the company’s rebranding strategy. The cathode-ray tube modulated, accelerated, and deflected electron beams onto the screen to create images. In the box we have there is a used tube inside, ironically, it is a Zenith brand tube!

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Family Day - Past Times, Pastimes

September 8th from 1-4PM

Free to the public thanks to the Ada Mae Ivester Education Center

It’s hands-on fun front and center in September with Past Times, Pastimes – a look at entertainment in Georgia from the 18th to 20th centuries. Hands-on activities, living history interpretation and demonstrations, and audience participation in games, song, and dance will make the past come alive with fun!

family day game

Forum: Dr. Crawford Long

September 10th at 7 PM

$3 General Admission or Free for Members

Dr. Crawford Long of Jefferson, Georgia became the first physician who used ether for surgical anesthesia in 1842. Vicki Starnes, Director of the Crawford Long Museum will share this remarkable story of a “country doctor” who created a cutting-edge procedure right here in Northeast Georgia.

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For more fascinating photos and information on our region's past, follow our social media!



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Field workers of the Bona Allen Company pose for a photo with Bona Allen, Senior and his wife, Betty Stanley Allen (sitting in the buggy to the right) sometime in the early 1920s in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The company made horse collars and saddles, postal bags, boots, shoes, and more. Wheat and rye were grown so that the straw could be used to stuff the horse collars that the company produced.

The original source of this photo notes that the children were present to catch rabbits that ran from the field as the John Deere harvester (left) was used.


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